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Торговое оборудование для продажи CD DVD VHS.
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Dear clients market attitudes{relations} cause businessmen is in permanent motion what to not appear behind of competitors and to not be clinged for a sideboard of the last rail car of a going around train.

From the beginning of legalization of private business titanic changes were undergone with interiors of shops, the trade equipment, advertising, attitudes{relations} between the buyer and the seller. Washing the firm is engaged in trade a compact set discs, audio and VCR cassettes about 1988 years, all is always successful also because I did not use as the trade equipment boards of a fiberboard or glass small cubes. Having taken for the basis{fundamentals} the Polish equipment, permanently transforming and revising his{its} construction doing{making} its{her} more convenient both for the seller, and for the buyer washing the firm has advanced a network{grid} of successful shops in Balakovo and cities of range.

Absence in the broad market of the similar equipment, has pushed me on building of the enterprise on manufacturing benches of a different construction which can be established{set} in small interiors{cabins} and departments. Main constituent of any bench is the pages of the closed access permitting to the buyer fully will acquaint with the content of this or that kind{view} медиапродукции independently, not involving the manager and not limiting itself in time. On the other hand the goods are protected from dishonourable clients that allows to lower number of the attendants. Explicitly you can acquaint with a construction of pages in section "Detailing".

General provisions.

1.1. For a convenient arrangement and paging of pages on one running metre it is possible to place 20 pages for a CD, 15 pages for discs DVD and 10 pages for VCR cassettes of standard VHS.

1.2. Capacity of pages is stipulated колличеством sections for disposition медиапродукции. The altitude of page picks up with such рассчетом that the buyer had not to be leaned or reach discs and magnetic-type cartridges located in extreme sections. In manufacture there are pages of following capacity: under a compact set discs - 14, 16, 24 piece, under discs DVD and VCR cassettes - 15 piece

1.3. Pages plump from metal by depth of 0.8 mms, they light and strong. Lock-up of pages implements with the help threaded a fixer or the central lock (more dear{expensive} version) with a unified key under all pages.

Kinds{Views} of the trade equipment, his{its} performance and mounting condition.

1.1. Wall benches.

The given kind{view} of the trade equipment can be applied, if there is a capability to use as fastening pages of a wall and a partition of your or leased room. Cheaply and reliably. The price includes only cost of pages and a carrier (a cross-sectional pipe with apertures).

1.2. Secund and island racks.

The given kind{view} of the trade equipment is mobiler, is used in any room, produced a different profile and represents a resistant construction plump of cross-sectional pipes and consisting of sections. Sections are bridged in a unified construction of a necessary length. On secund racks of page are established{set} on the one hand, on island from two parties for more close utilization of the trade area. Secund racks it is possible to use as partitions between departments. Under racks it is possible to place cabinets which you can order in any wood-working workshop.

1.3. Torsion racks.

The given kind{view} of the equipment represents the resistant grounding in which on the bearing the rack on which is established{set} fasten pages. Light motion the buyer spins the rack, selecting the discs necessary to him and magnetic-type cartridges. Torsion racks are established{set} in any convenient for you a place.